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tv   Today  NBC  September 14, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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get away, a scramble to stay alive. >> people abandoned cars on the side of the road, running out of fuel, getting out, like a bomb went off. >> reporter: the heat, the flames, the explosions so intense even firefighters retreated. there was nothing you can do. >> see homes and buildings igniting on fire and you know you're powerless to save them all. it's a very hard thing to feel. >> reporter: california is in the middle of a firestorm. 13 wildfires are raging across the state. more than half a million acres up in smoke. an epic fire season heating up and now exploding out of control. when this fire was multiplying in size, four fire fighters couldn't escape the burn zone. they suffered second-degree burns. this fire is zero percentan
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detained, they have declared a state of emergency and the national guard is coming in. >> not a good situation. dylan is in for al this morning. will the crews get any help from the weather? >> they actually will. last week the worst kind of conditions. severe drought over california so everything on the ground is very dry, and temperatures last week were breaking records. they were well above average. there has not been any rain or any humidity for that matter, but now the pattern is going to change. we're going to get more of a stream of moisture coming in off the pacific. we've got a series of cold fronts that will also increase humidity, give a chance of showers today and especially on wednesday. it's also going to knock back temperatures. we should see high temperatures drop down into the 70s and 80s as opposed to being the mid to upper 90s so all of these factors will certainly help with the fire fight but it looks like the ground is extremely dry so there is that battle of the conditions on the ground but at least the conditions in the atmosphere will help. >> dylan, thanks very much. get your forecast in a little while. >> surprising new numbers in the
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presidential race. hillary clinton now trails but substantial margins in two key early states amid more fallout over the e-mail controversy, and republican donald trump is seeing his lead grow. we'll get to that in a moment, but first let's get to nbc's halley jackson with more on the democratic race. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah, a new "washington post"/abc news poll shows support for hillary clinton among democrats has dropped more than 20% since july when news of the e-mail controversy first broke and the biggest decline coming amongst women, a key part of her base, even as clinton prepares to hold a women for hillary rally here in iowa and to show her softer side to the rest of the country. hillary clinton now higsoighting her family. >> when i look a my new granddaughter i think to myself we're going to do everything we can to make sure she has opportunity in life. >> reporter: and her faith with a rare appearance by her husband and their daughter.
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clinton getting personal in hopes of getting traction with voters elocking to rival berniay sanders. while she's ahead in south carolina, the latest polls show she's losing to sanders by double digits in other key early states. >> enough is enough! >> reporter: clinton down 10% in iowa and 22% in new hampshire. >> i think we are generating a lot of excitement, not just in iowa and new hampshire but all across this country. >> reporter: clinton still dogged by her e-mail scandal with new questions about whether tens of thousands o deleted e-mails could be recovered. the "washington post" now reporting the tech company that set up clinton's home server has no knowledge of it being wiped. her campaign isn't commenting but aware of the need to appear more accessible clinton is doing more light hearted interviews including jimmy fallon later this week and then there's joe biden, back in the spotlight, looking like a possible candidate as his supporters ramp
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up ready for a potential biden run. >> if he got in, he would cut right towards her base and really exaggerate her perceived lack of authenticity. >> reporter: one of the leaders of the draft biden movement tells me in a few days since biden appeared in that interview with stephen colbert he has gotten calls, text messages from democrats who have been on the sidelines now saying if biden is in, i'm s. biden supporters hoping to capitalize on that momentum, so expect to see some more early endorsements later this week coming out of south carolina, but, remember, matt and vannah, that clinton's campaign organization is ver, strong so biden would have a lot of ground to makel p if he does get in. >> and we're hearing about the timetable, when the vice pres ent might make this decision. >> reporter: right, savannah. bloomberg now reporting there's a scenario in which biden could potentially wait maybe another month so we're looking at the end of ctober or early november. that would be after the first demo atic debate and after
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clinton testifies in front of corgress. >> all right. hallie jackson, expected to testify before the benghazi co.mmittee in octo r. thank yomu >> republican front-runner heads to texas today bolstered by the latest polls in the gop race. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has that side of the story. hi, peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good monday morning to you. if you thought the end of summer would mean the fall of trump, no chance., a new poll this morning shows donald trump holding on to his lead in iowa, ben carson just four points behind, but check out what's going on in new hampshire right now. trump there leads by a huge margin, at 40% luadingecarson by 27828 points. his lead is just about equal to the next five candidates combined. >> trump! trump! trump. >> reporter: with two days to go until the next debate donald trump is riding high atop the gop field and now he's getting traction against hillary clinton. this morning a new poll shows trump in a statistical dead heat in a head-to-head matchup,
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clinton beating trump by three points, 46% to 43%. >> who wants, it come on. >> reporter: trump keeps rolling and tossing campaign hats to supporters in iowa over weekend and boasting about his first place status. >> winning in iowa, winning in new hampshire and winning every place by a lot. >> reporter: still offering a possible preview of his debate strategy, trump hasn't missed a chance to attack his top competitor ben carson whose popularity is surging. >> i don't think ben has the energy. >> ben's a doctor, and he's not a deal-maker. >> reporter: carson was unfazed trump's criticism. >> no, it doesn't bother me because i recognize that i have plenty of energy. >> reporter: with carly fiorina joining the top-tier candidatesll wednesday's debates the former hewlett-packard ceo is making her case against trump after he criticized her looks last week. >> you know, i think donald trump is an entertainer, and i think i am a leader. >> reporter: should be a pretty good showdown wednesday night. donald trump heads to dallas tonight for a packed rally at the american airlines arena, but
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some of his loudest critics will be there as well promising more than 1,000 protesters at what they are calling a dump the trump rally outside. matt and savannah, back to you. >> peter alexander, peter, thanks very much. >> this morning we're on the front lines that have migrant crisis in europe, leaders holding emergency talks to deal with this situation. nbc "nightly news" anchor lester holt has made his way to hungary this morning. lester, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, it's a remarkable scene here. people still coming. in fact, record num bers over tfe weekend. more than 10,000 have come from across the serbian border about a 20-minute walk from here. on their way they hope northward but there's been complications. every signal we're getting this morning is that they are going to close the border. the hungary-serbian border by the end of the day. at the same time, germany over the weekend announced they would halt train traffic from austria into germany and for a lot of people making this route, they are wondering if they are going to end up in a virtual no-man's-land.
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the crowd of migrants swelled at vienna's train station sunday after rail service from austria to germany was temporarily halted. germany's decision came as migrants continue to come by sea. these migrants were lucky that their dingy sank so close to shore. 34 others, including 15 children died, after another sinking yesterday. meantime, migrants pore into hungary threatening to seal its border. this time for the first time helmeted army troops began amazing along a newly built razor-wire fence. on sunday this little girl collapsing in sickness had to be carried across by a volunteer. where will you take her? this afghan teenager was separated from his family during the night. he has no money. only two eggs. two miles away a squalid overrun and unofficial relief camp where there's food, water and medical aid. police are also there to take
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the migrants to government detention camps for processing. for this man alternative, returning his son to syria, is too much to bear. >> the syrian war that has continued for four years. >> reporter: hungary, serbia, on the other side of this fence post. the timing of hungary's crackdown on illegal crossers will largely depend on how quickly they can complete this border fence. once they do that, this may be the end of the road. what happens once this fence is completed? what's your prediction? >> they are not going to stop just because they reach a fence like this. they will find another way into europe. >> reporter: a way to a continent and a way many now see as a promise land. other group as you can see coming up this trail frothe rder. one thing that's changed in the last several hours, they are no longer apparently taking them to the detention camps. they are loading them immediately on buses to a train station to move them closerh,o
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the arstrian border, but, again, people really don't kg]w where they w l go. you will ask them. they will say sweden or germany, but they have no idea how they are oing to get there. sava lik. >> anywhere but where they were. lester, thank you very much. lester will have a lot more o this tonight as he reports from hung y on "nbc nightly news. request "coming up, we'll tell you how you can help the children of this crisis. we'll turn to chanel jones in for natalie and you have a frantic search for a dangerous co spect. d>> yes, good morning. a manhunt is under way for a suspect police say shot and killed a kentucky state trooper during a joyce. 31-year-old trooper joseph ponder was in pursuit sunday night when the suspect stopped ruptly, hit the trooper's car and opened fire. police say the suspect, 25-year-old thomas johnson sh anks, fled on foot. they say he's likely still armed. today kim davith the embatled county clerk in pukentucky is expected to return to work. the big question, will she stop her deputies from issuing marriage licenses to smmt couples? nbc's gabe gutierrez s on the
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story once again from moorehead, kentucky. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. kim davis is expected to walk into the rowan county courthouse here within the next hour. ready h supporters have gathered to see what she will do next. davis was released from jail last wvek after spending five nights in custody. a judge had found her in contempt for refusing to issue marriage licensea to siae-sex couples. she had argued that doing so uld violate her religious beliefs. on friday her lawyers filed another appeal arguing that the judge overstepped his boundh by including all couples in his ruling and not just a few couples who ad filed a lawsuit against her. while she was gone, her deputy clerks had iall.d marriage licenses to the same-sex coupleyo if davis interferes with that, she could face even more jail time. her lawyers have not said exactly what she plans to do, only that she will not violate her conscience. chanel? >> thank you, gabe. at least one airplane was damaged when two planes clipped
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wings at l.a.x. sunday night. united airlines flight arrived in los angeles and was taxying towards the gate when it made contactitnsh an alaska airlines plane that was departing. no one was hurt and the planes were t en out of service. an investigation is under way to determine who was at fault. for the second time in a little more than a week there was a physical confrontation between a referee and a texas high school football player. in the latest incident also in the san antonio area, after the play you can see st. anthony's quarterback shoving one of the defensive players. the referee throws a penalty ag and momen later when the reemseree throws another penalty flag, the team's quarterback shoves him backward. was restrained by teammates and tossed out of the game. this comes on the heels of another incident in which two plyuayers at another school tackled and injured an official late in the game. and congratulations to know shack djokovic who beat roger federer.
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it's his third grand slam title the year losing only in the final of the french open and, of course, we'll be joined by novak djokovic coming up a little later in the show. yes, we ill. >> let me get my hair and makeup ready. it was a great match. i love roger federer, no, no, i love you too, novak, see you in a little bit. >> all right. dylan? >> well, we've had a pretty rainy weekend across the northeast, but the rain is exiting new england. it's actually going to be a pretty quiet day across most of the country except t west where some much-needed rain will make its way on shore. temperatures still on the cool sidemyut it will start heating up as soon as we get t when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make a world of difference.
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walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. . only steady to cool. 59 degrees in central park. most folks in the 50s. low to mid in the suburbs. bridgewater at 48 degrees. day planner, a mix of clouds and sunshine. on the breezy side throughou th day. art out in the 50s. low 70s by noon. forecasting a high of 77. more good stuff in the seven-day forecast. 84 tomorrow with sunshine. more of the same wednesday, thursday. high both days 86. 85 for friday. hold on to the sun for the weekend. showers or thunderstorms by the time we get to sunday. and that's your later forecast. >> dylan, thanks very much. miss america was crowned last ght and the even began with a former winner in the spotlight. >> that's right. >> vanessa williams returned to the pageant for the first time since 1948. that's when her t le was
7:15 am
stripped amid a nude photo scmeandal. miss america ceo welcomed her back as head judge and apologized for the way she was treated three decades earlier. >> i want to ap sogeze. >> oh. >> to you. [ cheers and applause ] and to your mother miss helen williams. i want to apologize for anything that was said or done that made you feel any less the miss america you are and the miss america you always will be! >> that was nice. as for the pageant itself, 21-year-old betty cantrell of georgia took home the crown and raised some eyebrows when she was asked to weigh in on the nfl's deflategate scandal and whether tom brady cheated. >> did he cheat? >> that'sgo really good question. i'm not sure. i think i'd have to be there to see the ball and feel it and make sure it was deflated or not deflated, but if there was question there, then yes i think he haeated. if there was any question to be
7:16 am
had i think he definitely cheated and he should have been suspended for that. that's not fair. >>ry what? >> nothing good can come out about me speaking about that. >> congratulations to her. that was a tricky one. >> coming up, an nbc news exclusive. joyce mitchell. the woman who admits helping two killers get the tools they needed to escape from a new york prison speaking out. this morning how their relationship developed and why she didn't turn te police when she got in over her head. and unholy. how much scalpers are trying to get you to pay for free tickets to see the pope here in the u.s. we'll have that story, but first, this is "today" on c.
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. coming up, where are they now?
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live look there at the belt parkway, by jfk. 7:26 on this monday, september 14th. good morning, i'm michael gargiulo. police are investigating a stabbing that involves a security guard from the world trade center. this happened a few blocks from world trade center, outside 160 broadway. chopper 4 over the scene. a few minutes ago, police tell us that 54-year-old guard got in an argument with a man. he stabbed him in the chest, slashed him in the face. the guard caught a few blocks away. the other man taken to the hospital in stable condition. let's take a look at the morning
7:24 am
commute with lauren imt >> hey, michael. accident by 116th street that just cleared and one on the l.i.e. that cleared out. this is exit 32. some key lace out there. delays on manhattan bound em, f and r trains. alternate side of the street parking rules suspended today. back to you. thank you, lauren. we'll be right back with chris' forecast. starting out in the cool upper 50s in the city. 59 in central park.
7:25 am
across long island, muttontown, 57. white plains 55. low 50s up toward the north wnd and west. a hint of autumn in the air. patchy clouds mainly to the north of the city. northern new jersey, even around the city, some clouds from time to time. but this system, notice the rain is weakening. a dry south and east. clouds pivot on through from time to time during the course of the afternoon. we'll call it a mix of clouds and sunshine. high temperature does make a nice bounceback. 77. look at this, a string of sun symbols, even saturday. middle 80s through the end of the week. next chance of any showers or thunderstorm by sunday, michael. >> sounds great, chris. thanks. matt lauer's exclusive interview with the woman who helped two convicted murderers escape that upstate prison.
7:26 am
morning. it's the 14th of september, 2015. i stepped out of the house this
7:27 am
morning, felt a chill immediately, and it wasn't just that i was going to see you today at work today, matt, a little cold in the air. >> like in the catskills. >> i know. anyway, let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines on this monday morning. crews in california struggling against one of the fastest moving wildfires in that state's history. it's already consumed some 400 homes. 50,000 acres north of napa valley, and officials expect that number to rise. >> kim davis, the kentucky county clerk jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses returns to work today. if she's violate a jim's order again he could put her back behind bars. >> some good news. you're paying even less for gasoline. today's nationwide average dropping to $2.33, down 32 cents in the past month. well, coming up, woman at center of the prison break that captivated the nation. joyce mitchell opens up in an exclusive jailhouse interview
7:28 am
about her relationship with those inmates, two convicted murders, how it all started and the tools that she gave them. >> another program note, another big interview tomorrow. chelsea clinton is here to talk about her new book called "it's your world." we'll talk about the world, motherhood and what's a busy time for her family, you might say. chelsea clinton tomorrow morning right here on "today." >> first let's get a check of the weather with dylan. today's weather is brought to you by new dove body wash. get softer, smoother skin after just one shower. >> savannah, it was legitimately chilly this morning. >> thank you. >> you were on to something there. it is actually only in the 40s to start off the day in most of the midwest. we're at 42 in elkins, west virginia. looking for temperatures to be on cool side one more day before the heat is going to build. it is actually going to feel very summer-like as we go into tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. we should top out in the mid-80s.
7:29 am
once again getting dylan, thanks very much. in the 50s right now across the area. mix of sun and clouds headed our way. a refreshing breeze from the west and northwest. temperatures bounce back into the upper 70s. about 77 this afternoon. crisp, clear, cool tonight. 62 in midtown. 40s and 50s in the suburbs. it warms up quickly tomorrow with a full day of sunshine. a high of 84. that's the trend the rest of the week. sunny skies wednesday, thursday, friday. generally middle 80s. 84 on saturday. late clouds and showers or a thunderstorm by sunday. lower 80s. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you so much, dylan. now to the nbc news exclusive tied to the prison escape and manned hunt that cap slated this nation back in june. two convicted killers were on run after breaking out of the clinton correctional facility in upstate new york. >> early in the investigation a
7:30 am
name surfaced, joyce mitchell, a woman who worked in the tailor shop who helped the men get tools and she reached a plea deal and will be sentenced late they are month. we visited clinton in the clinton county jail and i asked her what life behind bars is like. >> it's nerve-racking because it's not some place that i would have ever expected to be. i did wrong. i deserve to be punished but, you know, people need that know that i was only trying to save my family. >> save her family, she contends, from two men, david sweat and richard matt whom she met while working in the prison tailor shop, a position she held for seven years. >> as part of the job, how close were you and how close did you become to the inmates? is it fair to say you also became a friend? >> it is fair to say that. >> was there a flirtation as part that have friendship? >> there was. >> did you think that perhaps you were crossing some sort of a line?
7:31 am
>> i was at first but then i guess i -- i guess i got a little too comfortable. >> and did anybody ever stop you and say, you know, joyce, back off a little bit. get back behind the desk, treat them like inmates, stop being such a nice person, stop being friends with them? >> they never actually told me to stop, but they did say, you know, you're -- you're too friendly, you know. you're too nice. >> and when they would say that to you, would you stop? >> i would a little bit, but at the time that everything happened i was going through a time where i -- i didn't feel like my husband loved me anymore and i guess it was just me. i was going through a depression, and i guess they saw my weakness and that's how it all started. >> so you -- you were looking for something. you were looking for attention. >> yes.
7:32 am
their attention made me feel good. >> both sweat and matt were violent offenders, something they never let mitchell forget. >> richard matt was in prison because he killed a man that was his boss and cut his body up. >> and he had no problem telling anybody about that. he actually had a photocopy of the article showing when he went to court, and he would show it to anybody. >> in some ways that's some sort of street cred to say this is what i did. >> yeah. >> and i'm proud of it. >> a new officer would come in and he'd show him what he was in for. >> david sweat is a guy who shot a sheriff's deputy 15 times, so these are two guys who committed heinous crimes. >> yes. >> and these are the guys you allowed yourself to have a friendship yes. >> yes. everybody tells me i'm way too nice. >> when did they start asking
7:33 am
you for favors? >> a few months before they decided to get out, they -- they were asking me for things. >> so what did you bring them? >> i would bring cookies, brownies, you know, stuff like that. >> pretending that you were bringing them in for yourself. >> yes. >> how often did you do that, joyce? >> i did it a lot. >> were you ever nervous? were you ever afraid you would get caught doing it? >> i actually was because they are supposed to check our bags every morning when we come in, and they are supposed to check them when they go out, but they -- they never did. >> and then they started asking for other things. when rich matt comes to you and says, joyce, i need a star-shaped drill bit. that's a lot different than cookies and brownies. >> yeah. >> and what did you think? >> at first i'm like i can't get you that, but then he's like i need it.
7:34 am
>> for what? >> at first they didn't tell me and then after they did it was because they were going to try to escape. >> had yougiven it to them at that stage? >> yes, but i give them the stuff because they had threatened -- it was mr. matt. he looked at me one day and say, you know, joyce, i do love you, and said i loved my husband, and a little while after that he wanted to get rid of lyle. >> get rid of lyle, meaning kill lyle according to joyce mitch well. it's so fascinating to watch how slowly this person says she fell into a relationship and how it just escalated and escalated in terms of what they were asking her for. >> exactly. we'll have much more with joyce mitchell. coming up next, she's going to respond to the speculation that there was something romantic in her relationship with these two
7:35 am
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and talk with your doctor. . we're back now at 7:42 with more of our exclusive and emotional interview with joyce mitchell, the woman at the center of this summer's prison break in upstate new york. we want to warn you that this part of our conversation does get a bit graphic. richard matt was a talented artist, and it wasn't long before his artwork became a kind of currency behind those prison walls. we now know that correction officer gene palmer accepted and transported the paintings outside the prison and the trading that went into that transaction led to trouble. it was how mitchell was able to get the tools hidden in hamburger meat delivered to the inmates. >> so you walked right in the prison, nobody checked your bag. >> nobody checked. >> and in it you had hacksaw blades. >> yes. >> you're in deep trouble at this point. >> yes, i am. >> you didn't go to anyone. >> who could i -- who could i
7:40 am
tell? he bragged about how he had done paintings for several officers. who they are i don't know, but who could i trust? >> i've never been in prison, but i would tell you if i were you i think i would have said i'm going to go home and get my husband, i'm going to get him in a car and we're going to go to the police and i'm going to tell the police with my husband next to me so i know nobody can harm him exactly what's going on here. >> i should have done that, but i was too scared because mr. matt even asked where my mother lived, where my son lived. >> speculation has run rampant, joyce, that while mr. matt told you he loved you, that by this point you loved him as well. >> no. it was -- it started out as a flirtation thing, but that's all it ever was. there was never any love between myself and mr. matt.
7:41 am
>> at some point in addition to bringing food and now starting to bring the tools they would eventually use to break out of prison there was sexual contact between you and richard matt? >> there was never any actual sexual intercourse. mr. matt had grabbed me a couple times and kissed me, and then there was one point where he had had -- i'm sorry. he wanted me to --
7:42 am
>> would you like a tissue? >> he wanted me to perform oral sex on him, and i said no, and when i said no, he grabbed my head and pushed me down. >> so just to be clear, at no point in this relationship with richard matt there was any consensual consensual con. >> there was never consensual. >> and there was questions as far back as 2003 as to whether the two had a inappropriate sexual relationship. >> there was no sexual contact between you and in 2013. >> never any sexual content between us, whatsoever. >> if you can to the best of your ability, mrs. mitchell, tell us the complete list of things that you gave them.
7:43 am
>> i gave them the star bit, four full-sized hack blades, and i give them chisel and punch, that's all that i give them. >> that's a lot. >> it is. >> so you would go in during the day and you'd see at least mr. matt in the tailor shop. >> yes. >> and he would say to you, hey, we've reached the wall of our cell, we're in the crawl and he would let you know this. >> yes. >> he actually told me at one point in one spot that they had found a toolbox and mr. sweat picked the lock and they found power tools in it. >> and what was your reaction when you were hearing these storeies? wasn't it also astonishing to you that they were actually getting out of their cells at night. >> yes. >> and they were going behind the walls of the prison? >> they were waiting till after i think it was the 11:00 bed check and then they would go. >> you know, i'm trying to put
7:44 am
myself in the position of someone watching this at home, and they are all saying -- you know what they are saying. she's hearing these stories every day. she's given them some of the tools they are using. >> and she's the monster. >> and she did nothing to stop it. >> i knew i was in way over my head so i had to keep going with whatever they were saying. >> and that is, i mean, the thing, there were many opportunities throughout this ordeal where she could have picked up a phone and called someone and i think that's what everybody has the hardest time. >> even through that fear, as you say. >> right. >> you can go to the police station. >> you're still going to get in trouble but at least if you go earlier they don't get out of prison and put at risk the lives of people in that community. >> such an incredible story. there's so much more to hear from her. >> more of this interview with joyce mitchell friday here on "today," and later that night on a special "dateline." just ahead here this morning, in the age of blockbusters, the surprising
7:45 am
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7:48 am
coming up, we'll kick off a special series where are they now with a woman who managed to talk a killer on a crime preto spare her life. >> and a couple of big stars, mindy every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
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there's something in me... there's something in me...
7:53 am
live look attribute full river. brooklyn bridge. 14th. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. con ed hopes to get the power back soon to the upper west side following a pair of manhole fires. the fdny responding to 107th and 108th street. con ed says it damaged underground cables, knocked out electricity to hundreds of customers in the area. at last check, they expect to have the power restored in about an hour at 9:00 a.m. officials say equipment failure to blame for yesterday's fire and explosion at i substation? new jersey. more than 2,000 customers left without power for several hours. let's look at the morning commute with lauren. >> hey, michael.
7:54 am
it is a slow ride on 80 eastbound. out in the area of exit 34b. because of a reported accident out there. an accident southbound after exit 138 causing delays in both directions and a very slow ride on the hutch northbound. a serious accident out there after mamaroneck road. that's in the right lane. a slow ride both ways as well. back to you, michael. lauren, great. thanks so much. a look at the weather. sun, clouds, refreshing breeze. 77 for the high tonight. 62 tomorrow, high of 84. wednesday more sunshine, 86. and then thursday still sunny. nice stretch in the 80s. come will up on the "today" show, the where are they now series kicks off with ashley smith. we'll have another local update in a half an hour.
7:55 am
7:56 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, where are they now? we'll catch up with ashley smith. ten years ago the single mother was taken hostage by an escaped
7:57 am
convict on a murder spree but convinced him to spare her life. >> i just told him that she didn't have a daddy anymore and if -- if he killed me, then she wouldn't have a mommy either. >> how that terrifying ordeal changed her forever. plus, the pope for a price. the unholy prices that scalpers are asking for free tickets to see pope francis during his visit to the u.s. then it's a hollywood invasion in studio 1a. true or false. >> true! >> correct! >> neil patrick harris is ready to show you the best time ever with a preview of his new live variety show. >> do you have a lot of girl problems? >> i'm about to. >> and mindy kaling on her new book "new season of the mindy project," a new gig as a "today" guest co-host today, monday, september 14th, 2015.
7:58 am
>> from buffalo, new york, meg and anthony celebrating their anniversary. >> from hillsboro, new jersey, celebrating on georgia. >> from georgia, celebrating my 60th birthday on the "today" show. >> puerto rico! >> good morning. have a great year! [ cheers and applause ] >> and we're back now. it's 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 14th day of september, 2015. you know savannah was right. it kills me to say that, but she was absolutely right. you walked out today and for the first time it absolutely feels like fall. >> it's chilly. >> there's a chill in the air, for sure. feels good. >> smells like fall. almost fall. so sheinelle jones is in for natalie with a look at the top stories. good morning.
7:59 am
kim davis, embattled county clerk in kentucky is returning to work today, but will she stop her deputies from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples? davis spoke to reporters just a few moments ago. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in moorehead, kentucky. gape, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. kim davis' supporters have been here outside the rowan courthouse since early this morning to see what she would do next and a few minutes ago davis spoke to reporters. >> i want the whole world to know be no mistake about it that if my deputy clerks who do not have my authorization or the authority, they don't have my authority to issue any license whatsoever. i love my deputy clerks and i hate that they have been caught in the middle. it is felt that they must issue an unauthorized license to avoid
8:00 am
and will take no action against them. however, any unauthorized license they issue will not have my name, my title or authority on it. instead, license will -- >> reporter: so kim davis will not stop her deputy clerks from issuing those licenses, but she says they are not valid. however, the county attorney and the governor's office had previously said they were valid. so this legal battle is clearly not over. sheinelle. >> it continues. all right, thank you, gabe. at least one person has been killed and hundreds of homes destroyed by a new series of wildfires in northern california. one fire a broke out weekend near the napa valley is causing mostalf the damage. it's been spreading in several directions forces thousands of people to evacuate. california governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency for areas impacted by the fire. hillary clinton leads the democratic field in a new "washington post" poll out this morning. however, it shows her support among democrats nationwide dropping 21 points since july when the story broke about her e-mails. other polls shows her trailing bernie sanders in key early states.
8:01 am
on sunday mrs. clinton highlighted her family appearing with them at the washington church she attended when her husband was president. the "washington post" poll also shows clinton virtually tied with trump in a hypothetical matchup. trump still has a commanding lead over his republican rivals. he's now focusing his attacks on his closest cpetitor ben carson whose popularity is surging. the republicans square off in their second debate wednesday night at the ronald reagan library in california. public school students in seattle have yet to start the school year because of a week old teachers strike. teachers and the school district are at odds over issues such as pay raises and the length of the school day. the district will now have to consider shortening holiday breaks or adding days at the end of the school year for some 53,000 students. japan raised its volcano alert level overnight after an eruption on the country's main southern island. people are being kept more than a mile away from the mountain. clouds of smoke and ash as you see here are rising over the
8:02 am
crater. some flights through the area rted. paddle borders got some unexpected company. look at this, while riding. waves off hermosa beach, california, one paddle border found himself in the middle of a dolphin pod. his goprocamera captured the moment when one dolphin launched straight at him mock noing him into the water. savannah, you can take it from there. >> thank you, sheinelle. coming up, we'll start a special series where are they now? this morning we talk to ashley smith, the woman taken hostael by a man who had just killed four people and somehow she convinced him to let her go. and newly crowned u.s. open champ novak jim vic is here to accept celebrate his big win. matt? >> neil patrick harris is just here and just looked around in the original room and says does someone have a dog here? thanks for watching the show. we appreciate it. >> every day. >> he's got a brand new ahhh, jedi. they're just wise old men who like to be comfortable.
8:03 am
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yoplait plenti, with oats, flax, and pumpkin seeds. greek yogurt, packed full of goodness. we're back now. 8:10 with what's trending today. a little earlier we told you about this great match at the u.s. open on sunday. novak djokovic winning - >> we're all flustered, matt. >> third grand slam of the year.
8:07 am
wouldn't it be great to have the trophy right here? >> wouldn't it great to be the trophy holder right here? >> novak djokovic. >> congratulations. well done. >> good job, congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> i get to sit next to him. >> novak, you had that late-night match and nowou uldn't even go out and party because you had to get up and part with us? >> i got together with family and friends and t s a late night, but i'm glad i'm here. thanks f i or invitin me. >> sec d ".s. open title. feels different than the first one? >> it does, because i've -- in between i lost i think three finals, so wasn't able the last five years to make the fin set, but i'm glad one of the most prestigious trophies in our sport, and, you know, it's been an unbelievable two weeks for my team and i, and they deserve this trophy as much as i do. >> 63-5, 27-1 in majors. how will you look back at 2015? will this be your best year?
8:08 am
how do you top it? >> well, yes,git's still not over yet. i mean, the season keeps going. we have another couple months, a couple of big tournaments, but considering the grand slam season it's been the best so far in my life, so i'll definitely nurture it and remember it for the rest of myhi s.fe. >> you won the ouampionship. you lat d an up-and-coming player named roger federer i think was his name. he's number two in the world. you're number one. just describe the rivalry that's developed between you two. >> we , yes, he's definitely one of the biggest rivals i ever had ln my life, and he's the very reason why i've been successful, you know, so far in my career winning ten grand slams and he's been a big part that have success because he made me understand, you know, what are the things i need to work on, how i should improve in order to challenge him, to challenge him, nadal and the best players in the world, the guys that were dominating the game, and, you know, there were times when i was struggling and years when i was, you know, in
8:09 am
doubt if i can actually get to numer one and win trophies, and i managed to break that ice, you know, a couple years ago, and definitely he has contributed to the success as well. >> well, you guys are just two of the class acts in tennis. i mean, it's every tennis fan's dream to have the number one and two player have a shootout like this. >> yes. >> i don't really have a question here. >> can you drink a beer out of there? >> i tried to open it. >> looks like someone tried to pry it open. >> it's the original. >> can we all take pictures with that in a second? and you. >> and can we just do it -- >> and then we'll send you on your way. i'm sorry, i've never done this before. >> who needs the trophy. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you guys for having me. >> and he always comes in and spends time in the morning after so it's really nice of yo >> a pleasure to be here. >> i know you've got to run.
8:10 am
>> absolutely. >> so thank you very much. >> even more amazing. >> can you leave that here. that's fine. >> thank you, guys. thank you, bye. >> all right. okay. >> super cool. >> so exciting. can barely get through trending now. >> schoolgirl crush here. >> he's so awesome. >> let's change subjects. what if this happened on your plane? american airlines admitting that it recently used the wrong plane on a recent trip from los angeles to honolulu. the airlines use different kinds of planes for different kindsn'f trngs, and the plane that american ended up using was not authorized to fly long distances over open water. doesn't have certain extra equipment like medical oxygen and fire suppression canisters. ficials didn't notice the mix-up until halfway through the flight so, in other words, over the acific ocean. >> right. >> so if you're flying from l.a. to honolulu you want to know that in the middle of your flight. >> no, def itynt. >> did they go back and continue on? >> i think they continued on.
8:11 am
>> well, at that point it's j nt a matter of m h whichever way you are. >> e ctly right, the pilot realizing that has to think, whoops. >> i know. at least it was just oxygen canisters that were missing, not like flotation seats or something. >> you worried that it was not enough of those mini bottles in the bar. >> i know. it crossed my mind. it did. anticipation is building for the pope's visit to the u.s. next ek. te of thousands of tickeys were given away for frd , but look at this. check out price at ebay and craigslist and you'll find a bunch of sinners selling those tickets, some for as much as $3,000 a pair. the church is not h opy about this scalping saying it goes against everything pop francis stands for, but one scalper defended himself saying this is the american way. >> unbelievable. will the scalpers donate that money to the church? >> that would be a good thing to do. >> and say five hail mas. >> and the money people are
8:12 am
paying to be in the area. in property where he'll be in philadelphia, people are offering all sorts of money to stay at your place just because it's close. >> how much are you taking? >> we all know the internet can be great, but it can also be a bit dark, so every now and then it seems there are rays of ght. r example, last week we showed you the video of that elderly man who was waiting at the airport with flowers for his lady, and today there's this. umbrella dad. here's the photo. it's pouringrain this man's shirt completely soaked and yet he shields his son from the downpour with the umbrella. this photo is seen more than 3 million times under a simple headline dad. >> i do it a to my dog, just so she will go to the bathroom because overwise she stands there and hates the rain. >> that's nice to know. >> yeah. that's interesting. >> that umbrella story is what we needed after that pope scalping ticket story. change the palette. now let's go to the budget, a low-budget movie that have
8:13 am
eared at the box onsice and the sandra bullock role that george clooney thinks i could pop that. >> if the dog is is going to go, the dog is going to go. coming up on top of the weekend "the perfect eye" the romantic thriller and finished a close second with $26 million was a movie called "the latest visit" the latest horror film and the incredible thing, together they made this $2 million and cost less than a third of that, $12 million and 5 million for "the visit." right kind of math in that scenario. duchess kate and her new hairstyle, mostly out of the public for a a few months but kate is back with bangs. look, everybody, bangs. she sported the new look and she and william drove to church in scotland. kate expected to return t her royal duties this week. bangs working?.>> looks like she is already growing them out.
8:14 am
accord g to dylan. >> and sandra bullock and george clooney in the new movie sandra playing a role written for him and george was asked which role did she wan, the passenger on the bus in "speed" or the dedicated law enforcement officer and george picked the bathing suit beauty in "miss congeniality." >> dylan, the weather. >> all flustered. >> rain in the southwest. moisture streaming in and moisture coming in off the pacific from the remnants of hurricane linda. we're noticing that los angeles to san diego. we'll start to see some rain especially tomorrow. it has not rained in this area for a very long time so we could use the rain and we could in the mountains end up with as much as one to two inches of rain. of course, there is a threat when that happens of mud slides but for the most part most of
8:15 am
the lower lying areas will end up with with half an inch up to perhaps an inch. it's this frontal system that will continue to sag to the south and east to the northern rockies. rest of the country looking absolutely fantastic though i thanks very much. sunshine and patchy clouds. but quite sunny and sending temperatures in the mid 70s. suburbs. more sunshine tomorrow. 84 and 86 for wednesday and thursday. looking good for friday. good-looking start to the weekend. saturday 84 and clouds take over on sunday and maybe some showers and a thunderstorm. high of 82. and that's your latest forecast. savannah? >> all right, dylan, thank you so much. this morning we begin a week long series we're calling "where are they now?" a look back at stories that
8:16 am
e eyes of the people w lived through them and first up the victim of a hostage crisis who convinced a killer to let her go. we're going to talk with ashley smith in just a moment. but first the events that would change her life forever. it was march 11th, 2005, just after 9:00 in the morning. >> three people are now dead and one wounded when a man opened fire in a courthouse. >> breaking news reports of a shooting at the fulton county courthouse in atlanta. rape puppet brian nichols assaults a corrections officer, takes her gun and guns down a judge, a court reporter and a sh'meriff's deputy. >>'s a $65,000 reward is being provided for information leading to the apprehension and arrest of murder suspect brian nichols. >> during the manhunt that foimllows, nichols kills a customs agent. that same day ashley smith finishes work as a waitress. at just 261, she's trying to put her life back together. her husband has been murdered
8:17 am
four years prior and her 5-year-old daughter is living with an aunt while ashley tackles her substance abuse problems. more trouble came to her doorstep that night when nichols forced her to let him into his apartment in duluth, georgia. alone with a killer, ashley appeals to his humanity, talks about her daughter and reads to nichols from a self-help book. she gives him some drugs she had to calm him. she cooks him pancakes, and after seven hours nichols let's her go and she calls the police. >> someone is in custody, and the we do believe that it is courthouse shooting suspect brian nichols. >> smith spoke about her ordeal. >> he said he thought that i was an angel sent from god. >> ins ntly hailed a hero, matt conducted her first ne ork interview. >> at some point you began to talk to brian nichols about your family and about god and in particular about your little girl. tell me a little bit about that. >> i just told him that she didn't have a daddy anymore and if -- if he killed me, then she
8:18 am
wouldn't have a mommy either. i saw her -- her face in my head almost the entire time. >> ashley testified at nichols' trial. he is now serving life in prison. ashley, good morning. >> thanks. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> i should say you got married since all of this happened. ten years, a new child. tell us how life is. what's going on? >> i've been married to my husband daniel for eight years. 14-year-old step-daughter and a 4-year-old little boy so we definitely have a very full busy life these days. >> how is miss paige? she's 16 now? >> she is. she's 16, and she's a very good kid, you know. as you see, she's absolutely beautiful, blond hair and blue eyes. she makes great grades and she's a typical teenage girl, too. >> that fateful day, first of all, ten years ago, does it feel like it's been that long? >> sometimes it seems like it, you know, so long ago. other times i think about it and it seems like it was just yesterday, but i would say the
8:19 am
majority of the time, just because i'm a different person today and the life i lead and the decisions i make are so much different today, so it seems like i never even really was that person. >> when you think back about this story and about those moments, you somehow were able to summon up this bravery and compassion and courage to talk him into letting you go. over that seven-hour ordeal is there any one moment or any key point that really still sticks with you to this day in. >> i think there was definitely a defining moment in that night and actually in my life. you know, i was forced with a decision of whether or not i was going to use drugs with brian nichols that night and drugs had been a way of life that i had let consume me for many years before that, and i had a choice, whether i was going to use them or not, and it was almost as if brian nichols, almost as if jesus took the body of brian nichols in that one moment and said do you want to do this or do you want to have a different
8:20 am
life and i looked at brian nichols and said i don't want to use them now and never again and by the grace of god haven't used illegal drugs since the day before that happened, but i think immediately god began to take over my life and through that whole night i began to see brian nichols through the eyes of jesus. once i chose not to do the drugs and god's been in control ever my life ever since and i'm still center stage by god's grace today but i'm glad that he carries me through today also. >> truly miraculous, and now ten years later of all things there is a movie about this story. >> yeah. >> two hollywood actors, one playing you. what has that been like? is it kind of surreal? >> it's definitely been very surreal. kate does a fantastic job playing me. she really -- her and elle, the little girl that plays paige, that bond is captured almost perfectly through screen and
8:21 am
david did an incredible job depicting brian nichols. he had to go off of my memory and speaking to brian's mother. it's done very well. i don't think i would have changed anything about if. >> so good to have you here and see you doing so well. give our best to your family. >> thank you very much. >> "captive," the movie opens this friday. tomorrow on "where are they now?" a heartbreaking case of mistaken identity, a lot of people remember two young women involved in a fatal car accident. we'll have that and now over to carson. >> savannah, thanks very much. 19.5 million refugees around the world. half of them are children as part of a global initiative to send relief during the european migrant crisis, the group crowded house has re-released their single "help is come." a grass roots fund-raising campaign has used that song to create a compelling video in order to help spread the word. take a look.
8:22 am
>> you can view that full video at and to send your support head to itunes and download help is coming" or text 20222 to donate $10 and you can continue to spread the word of the relief effort using the #helpiscoming. matt? >> thanks very much. here with mindy kaling and neil patrick harris and interesting to be in the green room and hear them commenting on everything that is going on on the show. >> so exciting, so many stories happening simultaneously. >> and you're agreeing a lot with your perceptions of some things. >> i'm disagreeing. >> stay on camera. >> we're going to catch up with
8:23 am
both of 8:26 on this monday. new york city's newest subway station being put to the test. the commute for the first time. the station opened yesterday on the westside and extends the seven train 1 1/2 miles past what used to be the last stop in time square. it was supposed to fortune two
8:24 am
years ago, but now it is done. let's look at the rest of the commute. >> watch out for the accident. the right lane is still shut down. we have delays on uptown 4 and 5 trains. that's ul due to a sick customer. 10 to 15 minute delays. >> check the weather. sun and clouds and 77 for the high. tomorrow lots of sun and 84 and wednesday sun and 86. thursday sun and mid 80s and nice. coming up on the "today" show, neal patrick harris talks about his new prime time show. have a great day. in a "stirring, inspired and brilliant" new production. spring awakening. back on broadway in an extremely limited engagement. starring oscar winner marlee matlin. "it's a rousing success with all
8:25 am
the goosebumps and teardrops to prove it." t for tickets, visit today.
8:26 am
8:27 am
de niro and then seth has david oyelowo. on nbc all new tonight. 4:30 now. it's monday morning, 14th of september, 2015. what a pretty day on our plaza. fall is definitely in the air in the northeast. a little bit chilly but it feels good. by the way, we have a huge star here. mr. neil patrick harris. can't wait to talk to him. >> he always makes me laugh, really does. >> he's multi-talented, and the always hilarious mindy kaling "my secret besty on comedy, confidence" and has a few thoughts about you, carson. >> about me. >> she wrote them in the book. >> be kind! >> also ahead, tough-talking dr. phil mcgraw is here to weigh in on some of the big stories in the headlines. also he's got an exciting new season of his show coming up. >> and this week on "today" food, it's all about breakfast. cooking up recipes that will start your day off right beginning with a new trend in smoothies.
8:28 am
>> and while we were our favorite morning meals tell us what the ultimate breakfast food is. we've created our own battle. head to to cast your food and at the end of the week we'll tell you the winner. >> it's like an ncaa bracket, pancakes and waffles. >> pancakes and bacon every saturday and morning. >> that would be your winner. >> yeah. >> okay. >> nobody else wants to. >> may the best bacon win. >> a check of the weather. >> a little chilly up in the northeast, and back through the midwest and the plains but it will warm up as we go through this afternoon. especially back to parts of oklahoma and nebraska topping out in the mid-80s. only will feel like fall for one day on the east coast. temperatures back in the mid-'80s before you know it. tomorrow back in the mid-80s. there is a chance of pockets of heavier rain in pockets of southern california. some areas could have one to two inches of rain, northwest highs
8:29 am
in the mid-60s and a little thanks very much. temperatures in the mid-and upper 50s. 57 in white plains. in the north and west, low to mid 50s and temperatures will bounce back through time. a mix of clouds and sunshine and high about 77 into tonight. clear skies and 62 in the city. 40s and 50s in the suburbs. all of that sunshine the rest of the weekend into the weekend. 84 on tuesday and may a couple of showers and thunderstorms by sunday. >> and i love that we've got the red beret group here an you've founded this. what is the red beret? >> it is a project to show people around the world it's easy -- it's cool to be kind and it's also really easy. >> and these are all your founding members here, too. thanks so much for being here and we'll send it back inside to you. >> dylan, thank you very much. neil patrick harris has conquered television, movies and broadway, and he's putting all
8:30 am
of his talents to use on a new live nbc show called "best time ever ever" with neil patrick harris. take a look. >> essentially seven shows happening simultaneously. it's a party. >> here goes nothing. >> gwen stefani from no doubt. she's beautiful like dog. >> no, that one is to the good. >> now that you're a successful coach on "the voice" whales do you coach? >> what else do i coach. >> little league. >> was that for real? >> was that for receipt. yes, it's for real. neil, good morning. good to have you here. >> yes, it's a pleasure. >> i don't know why but the term variety show keeps coming up, and i know that's perhaps not exactly the way to describe this. >> well, it's a show filled with a variety of fun elements, but i think to claim that we're trying to reinvent the variety show makes me think of "sonny & cher" or trying to do sdg that's been done before. what's nice about the show it's a type of show not ever really done here in the states so it's hard to describe in many ways.
8:31 am
>> but you're not putting down sonny and cher because i grew up on sonny and cher. >> they are amazing, carol burnett is fantastic. all those shows i watched growing up wholeheartedly but it makes me think of sketch comedy more or bubbles and accordians. >> right. >> it's not this. >> not show one. >> it's live. >> okay. >> it's got with you all your experience on broadway, the awards show, things like that. do you like live these days, do you prefer it? >> i don't know that i prefer it pause when you're not filming leave you have a better chance to edit it and use the best takes that you've done but i've done enough live stuff with awards shows and what not if something goes wrong i'm excited by that and it will be fun to comment on. i think it will be fun for it being live for the audience at home because i really want to create this vibe in queens where the studio is that it's a bit of a party for the hour and if you're at home you're part of that experience. and that can only happen live. >> i'm not going to give anything away even to you because i don't think you fully know about this. >> right. >> but i will tell you your producers called me and asked me to do something for the show
8:32 am
which i was unable to do which was the craziest request i've ever gotten in television. i couldn't do it. that's my tees. >> i don't even know what that means. >> pranks, you like pranks. >> sure. i like well-spirited pranks. >> so nobody gets hurt. >> nobody gets hurt and i don't want anybody tonight butt of a joke. i who never -- we would never put hidden cameras in a place and a celebrity come in and do something that makes them embarrassed and point at them and laugh. >> it's a nice way to keep friends. >> it's a good way to not have a second season, but, no, so we do pranks, but they are in the spirit of the show which is -- then we'll bring the celebrity up on stage live and they will sit, not unlike this shot and you'll get to watch them watch the show. >> which is good. >> and see their reaction while it's happening live. >> how is life overwise? >> fantastic. wonderfullly business. family is good. took july off to sort of play and relax knowing that august would be ramping up for this big
8:33 am
giant september and october. >> kids back in school. >> they start wednesday. >> nerve-racking? >> no, exciting. >> where they go to pre-k is fantastic called the weekday school and everyone is so wonderful there and the teachers are so nice, and -- and -- >> in the first day of school who is likely or more likely to have the meltdown, them or you in. >> them. >> really? >> them more than us. >> you're not a helicopter parent or david isn't. >> no, i'm not, because we spend our time trying to teach them things but i'm not an educator for children by design so i would rather spend them to people who love teaching them and knows how to do it the most appropriate way for them. >> you're not an educator, but you're an entertainment machine. >> entertainment machine. that's a nice term. >> tell people this new show "the best time ever" premiers tomorrow night, 10:00, 9:00 central time right here on nbc. >> it's going to be a hoot. >> we're happy to have you. >> thank you, sir. >> really are. up next, dr. phil is in the house. we'll talk to him, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:34 am
caring about the things that make each of our clients unique... ...that's what makes riverspring health unique.
8:35 am
8:36 am
we're back now at 8:39. dr. phil mcgraw is famous for dishing out advice on everything from relationships to addiction, and today he launches his 14th season with ripped from the headlines exclusive. dr. phil, good morning. good to see you again. >> you had a rich luxurious head of hair 14 years ago when you started the show. >> been bald since being 12. the good thing about being bald is we always look the same. don't age. >> no question. >> are you doing segments on your show this year and this time that you wouldn't have done when the show began 14 years ago? >> no question about it, and we're doing it because i think our viewers are interested in knowing why people are doing some of the things they are doing, and so they are writing in and saying, dr. phil, who does this kind of thing? why are they doing it? what do we say to our kids about this? how do we fold this into our lives? >> i want to kind of touch on
8:37 am
that right now. just premiere week, okay. you've got a woman who survived a horrific craigslist ordealings an olympian turned prostitute, actor struggling with addiction and a transgender soldier who meets his family for the very first time. these are not easy stories to tell. >> they are not easy stories to tell, but every one of them has a takeaway. every one of them has a message. this woman who is on the show today answered a craigslist ad at a nice upscale home in a nice neighborhood, and this woman overpowers her and cuts the fetus from her body, and -- and striking, stunningly the mother survives. i mean, people have done this before. they steal babies to sell them, but the mother survives, and we have the opportunity to talk to her, and i -- i just want to get people's attention. you cannot put yourself in harm's way with people on the internet. all you know about them is that they have a computer. she goes in a house with someone
8:38 am
that she doesn't know behind closed doors and no safety zone. >> the transgender story, there's been a lot of attention in the headlines, caitlyn jenner getting a lot of attention, this is a story you tell from a different perspective. >> totally different. everybody talks about the rights of the person to come and claim their authentic self which i support 100% but rights come with responsibilities and there's not enough focus on what this does to the children, to the spouses, to the family members. this -- this individual was married, and the wife is saying whoa, what about me? is this bait and switch? do i stay? do i go? driven to the point of suicide. >> you're great at kind of figuring out what's going on between people's ears. i want to ask you to comment. this joyce mitchell story that we ran a little earlier this morning. >> i watched it, matt. great job, by the way. >> here's a woman who says i got in over my head. i had these inmates, thee convicted murderers, and one of them manipulated me to that point. you buy that there are people who can manipulate others to
8:39 am
that extent, or do you think she just presented an easy target? >> i think there are people that can manipulate, but i don't think she was in that situation. not for a second. >> why? >> it's hard to talk your way out of a situation you behaved your way into, and that's what she's trying to do. she's trying to talk her way out of something that she behaved her way into. this wasn't something where you made a bad decision at the spur of a moment. this was a pattern of behavior over a long period of time. >> but she admits to that. >> sort of admits to that but constantly trying to backpedal. they told me to do it but they didn't really follow up. they were supposed to check my bags and they really didn't do it. he was threatening me, and i -- i had many opportunities to get help, to go to the police, but she never did it. >> bewe have all also met people in our lives who present themselves as easy prey. >> there are people who present
8:40 am
themselves as easy prey, but there are also safety zones. there are times where you can reach out for help, and show was not isolated. the number one tool of the abuser, the manipulator is isolation. they cut you off from family, friends, church, resources. she was not cut off from any of those things. she had all of them at her fingertips, availed herself of none. >> always interesting to get your perspective and, of course, people will get a lot more of that on season 14 of your show. congratulations. >> great job on that interview. i loved that. >> thank you very much, appreciate t.check your local listings. up next, mindy kaling explains what has her asking why not me? but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
8:42 am
we are pack at 8:46. as an actor, writer, producer and director mindy kaling is a very busy woman. has a new book coming out
8:43 am
tomorrow called "why not me" to go along with yes the season premiere of "the mindy project" on hulu and in the premiere she finds herself in an alternate reality where she and danny never got together. >> where am i? oh, no, did i make into mariah carey's penthouse and fall asleep again? >> agh! >> oh, my god. are you a hot home invader? please don't kill me. >> it's me, it's matt. your husband. >> exsqueeze me? >> mindy, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you have so many irons in the fire, the book, tv show and cheers to adventure. shall we talk about the book, the tv show or right to the probing personal questions. >> how about an aspiring modeling career as another part? >> let's start right there. >> i'm really excited about the show. i mean, if you can have jason be your pretend husband on the show everyone would do that. >> this is awl always may theory. you write these parts so you can make out with hot guys on the show.
8:44 am
>> let's be cool, that's my secret, i don't need america to know midas tardily plot. down now? i'm a little bit shocked. >> she's -- in the prehere she's eight and a half months pregnant and that's fun about her is she's still the same person. she is just now -- she has a baby this season and loves them more than she loves herself that we've never seen. >> never seen that. >> the show moves from fox to houlo. does that mean can you do things that you can do on fox? >> i wanted people to feel like it's funny and could watch with their teenage daughters and not feel awkward but it's like a sexy show. we make it a little bit longer. that's the nice thing about being hulu. >> talk about the book. your second book. i think you read the first book you wanted people to see you or to like you? >> mm-hmm. >> this book you want them to know you. >> mm-hmm. >> say more about that, mindy.
8:45 am
>> i feel like when i wrote my first book, it was really about introducing myself as people who knew me through "the office" and knew the character and now that i'm in my 30s and care less about what people think about me so it's filled with lots of juicy stories. >> it's ail airous. >> thank you. >> learn about your dating life and what it's like to work long days and that's it's like and i wanted to talk about us, the "today" show. we get a lot of mention. >> i'm obsessed with you guys. i think we live in a treehouse together. >> you do reveal something that you swore that you would never extensions. >> yeah. >> i wrote in my first book about all the things in hollywood i didn't know before i was in hollywood and one is that no one is using their god-given hair and that i would have this beautiful -- i have like 40 strands of like sad witch hair. >> so does matt lauer, just fyi.
8:46 am
teeny, tiny little extensions. >> and i say in the book as a joke you look this good because you're wearing giant interesting wigs that you change out all the day. >> by the way, you have a whole extended love-in with carson. >> yes. >> about how great carson is. >> i think he's evil twins because i don't understand how he's able to do all of his jobs on "the voice" and here and his own show back and forth so my theory is there's two. >> two carsons. >> and you used to, and i don't want to stir the pot, but you use to be in love with willie. have you moved on from willie? are you kind of over him? >> it's a new season, i just want to keep it interesting. i don't want willie to get too comfortable and with carson, who knows what that will be like after today. >> i promise you some probing personal questions. >> yeah. >> do you kiss on the first date? >> sure, which should not i have said sure? >> maybe if i'm feeling it's a responsible thing to do. >> describe your ideal husband. >> ideal husband. >> yeah.
8:47 am
>> tall, kind. >> nice. >> employed, yeah. >> do you think tom brady deflated those balls? >> hey, i'm from boston. >> i know, i know. >> so i'm like got to tread lightly. >> i think that he's in a wonderful relationship with his wife gisele and i can't imagine him doing anything untoward. >> you really are from boston. >> i'm running for president and starting a political career so i really want to answer things in a diplomatic way. >> mindy, you are ready to be a "today" show cohost. >> congratulations. >> you are co-hosting the 9:00 hour this morning. >> i'm very excited about it and i'll try not to say anything terrible. >> please do, please, please do. the new season of "the mindy project" premiers tomorrow on hulu, and the new book is hilarious called "why not me." coming up next, we're helping wake up your tired breakfast routine and have a new twist on smoothies. would you like to do a food segment? >> i would love this. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
today's food is brought to you by new yoplait presenti greekio kurt with whole grain oats, flax and persian gulf kin seeds mixed right in. presenti is reinvented and packed full of goodness. >> today on "today food" stuck in a morning routine or sick of soggy cereal or toast on the
8:50 am
goal registered dietician ellie krieger is here with a trending new recipe worth trying. >> good morning, savannah. >> this is the smoothy bowl. >> the hot thing. >> the smoothy bowl and literally it's a smoothy you pour into a bowl and make it extra thick and frothy, almost like a sorbet and eat it with a of fun things. >> the first thing you're showing us is acai berry. >> acai. >> i always thought it was acai. >> no, it's a tropical berry and this is where it sort of started and how this smoothy bowl started. it's a berry from the amazon and comes from these packets already frozen in individual servings which is kind of cool. >> all right. >> so it's frozen in here. just breaking it up a little bit. >> okay. >> run it under a little hot water. >> great. >> put it into your blender. >> put in the acai. >> you can say it however you wan, really and i use a frozen banana. >> why frozen. >> makes it really frothy so you
8:51 am
really want that kind of sorbet texture. i like to always put in a little bit of nut butter or some kind of protein. >> that's nice. here it's almond butter, use peanut butter, whatever you like. >> all right. >> and then i use milk, quarter cup of milk and then you just blend it up, so there we go. really as simple as that. basically the same recipe as making a smoothy. let's see. >> but it's coming out a little chunkier. you blend it up. >> so it just comes out really frothy so it shouldn't be really liquidy and then you dress it up with all sorts of fun things. i love to put green grapes on mine, things of color, contrast. >> okay. >> great, protein like nuts. >> nice. >> i want to show a couple more, only a minute and a half. >> what's this one? >> you don't need to buy any fancy berry, don't have to buy the acai. do it with dark cherries, another variation. dark cherries, frozen banana, vanilla. >> i love that.
8:52 am
>> i love that none of these have added sugar so they are getting their sweetness from the ripe banna that i'm freezing. >> could you use almond milk if you like that better? >> almond milk, coconut milk. >> and i use coconut milk in this one. >> i think you're going to love it. it's just so -- >> it tastes great. >> but it almost taste lyric dessert, doesn't it? >> this one is with frozen mango, a little bit of ginger, again, banana for sweetness. >> okay. >> this is kind of cool because i put in -- i make like a cashew cream with some raw cashews, a little witt of coconut milk. >> what's the serving size because i could see myself eating three bowls and gain 50 pounds? >> these are meant to serve four and a serving size is a couple. top it with ginger, a little nutmeg and that goes in there. >> blend that up. want -- >> oh, by the way, all these >> yes. calories. >> yum.
8:53 am
>> oh, get in here. >> so good. >> this is fantastic.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> this is the brookside chocolate, people talk about it onlin love at first taste. i would liquify it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside!
8:56 am
your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. after trying brookside chocolates, at pam cakes five tweeted: leave it to me to drop a brookside down my shirt and lose it. you didn' t lose it. you saved it for later. brookside. talk about delicious. this morning on "today's" take, mindy kaling has a new book, new season of her hit show and now a new gig as our co-host. then, the comedian with 1
8:57 am
billion views on youtube jeff dunham, and a celebrity style roundup with the stars of "fashion police." all that and more coming up next. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a beautiful monday morning. it's september the 14th, 2015. nice crowd outside on the plaz ars. al, natalie, tamron out today but my goodness do we have a couple of strong reinforcements, the great did i drier is here. >> thanks. >> and mindy kaling, the new season of "the mindy project". >> thank you. >> her new book "why not me" both roll out tomorrow. thank you, mindy. >> you really miss al. i bring the al energy with me. >> and then some. >> and then the al mind and the tamron body, so i think like everyone -- i think we're going to be fine without them. i respect them a lot. but you know what the deal is.
8:58 am
>> you capture both of them. we only need one mindy. >> "your book, "not me" that comes out tomorrow i read it on friday alone with a bottle of wine. that's all i did on friday. >> sexy. >> beyou're so warm and open and funny in the book that i feel like we're now best friends. >> oh, boy. >> i'm totally hanging out with you. we just hung out on friday, this is great. >> nice to have that kind of reaction because i feel like i've directed a lot towards this guy. >> thank you, dylan. >> funny you should say that. >> you gave me a nice gift last holiday season, a wreath, i believe, a willie wreath or something like that. >> yeah. >> so i wanted to return the favor. i know because i feel like i know you. >> beautiful off the chair. >> what you love the most is this sort of obscure australian licorice. >> australian red licorice so i got you some.
8:59 am
>> so delicious, incredibly fattening, thank you. >> more licorice than actual licorice. >> enjoy this over the course of the show. a lot of snacking to do. >> i want to know what's so different about it. >> taste it. mbrore strawberry. >> twizzlers have the strawberry picture ton but these taste like strawberry. >> there's so many of them, too. >> it's an hour show. we'll be fine. >> i'm really excited. thank you. >> dylan just kind of got to know you on friday. i feel like i know you from way back when because i saw you in the show matt and ben, was it 2003 or something like that? public converted. >> a little theater ps 122 downtown. >> saw you in that play which was totally brilliant. >> thank you. >> turned you on to so many people where you play ben affleck. >> very strange play, dylan. i think you were elementary school when this came out.
9:00 am
the east village. >> and for a lot of people they said who is that and now it's the great mindy kaling and sheer she. >> the book is out, season four of "the mindy project" on hulu premiers tomorrow, very exciting. >> yeah. >> turned around quickly. when you left fox, it was the next day literally you got picked up by hulu. >> that same week which was nice. >> i went from basically having a crew of 150 people on my show and being like hearing the show we got cancelled to hearing we got 26 episodes. >> huge. >> kind of a fun roller coaster relief. fun to be at hulu. it's awesome. >> that's the way people are watching television now. so exciting. 26 episodes, but it must be keeping you very busy. >> super busy. it is nice because i think our show, the demographic, like women, young women have been watching it on hulu from the start. that will be good. >> does it change the way yo produce the show and write the show? does the hulu netflix change your feeling towards television is. >> my show is always pushing
9:01 am
enveloie with some sexy situations but thankfully we didn't do too much more. we wanted people to be able to still watch it and not feel like embarrassed though i have a family who doesn't need to see me but it's super funny and we actually -- it's a little bit longer. used to be 21 minutes and now we have like more time so it's nice. >> that season launches tomorrow. >> yeah. >> catch that "the mindy project" and the book again is "why not me" and let's get on to some news. did anybody watch the miss america pageant. >> i love the pageant. >> or dallas cowboys? >> every was split, miss america or football. but a loof interesting things happened, to say the least. betty cantrell of georgia was crowned the winner but she was asked an interesting question, of all things, about nfl, the whole deflategate scandal. >> right. >> take a listen. >> that's a really good question. i'm not sure. i think i'd have to be there to see the ball and feel it and wa ke sure it was deflated or not deflated, but if there was question there, then, yes, i think he cheated. if there was any question to be
9:02 am
had i think that he definitsely cheated and that he should have been suspended for that. that's not fair. >> she won based on that answer. >> that's one of those answers where your mouth starts saying one thing and all of a sudden it's not sopg stopping what it's saying and sort of digs. >> she looked stressed. she was like stressed about that. >> that was a good time to say i don't know. >> another interesting moment, vanessa williams remember three decades ago she had her title taken away because of the scandal over some nude photos. well, they offered her an apology and here's what the ceo had to say to her last night. >> i want to apologize to you. >> oh. [ cheers and applause ] >> a to your mother, miss helen williams. i want to apologize for anything that was said or done that made you feel any less the miss
9:03 am
america you are and the miss america you always will be! >> there it is. >> yeah. >> 1 dears later she got the apology. >> took long enough. >> when my apology comes from the miss america pageant, i think your number one question for never considering me for their competition. she's amazing. she came on our show and she's so gracious and cool. >> she is. >> i feel like i can say this because i have no relationship with that competition but i feel like she did so much for them by being gracious and cool. >> she's guest hosted with us for a couple weeks, incredibly smart, obviously talented and ust a lovely, lovely person. >> okay. we get it, she was a great co-host. >> we're only six months in. you've got time still, mindy. >> what was the miss colorado thing, the talent people? >> some people call this career, a profession, some call it a talent. she walked -- this is miss colorado, kelly johnson. she walked on the stage dressed in her scrubs, complete with a
9:04 am
stethoscope and talked about her ing career, es ecially specifically one patient, a man who had alzheimer's disease, so, don't know, does that count as a talent or -- >> i love it. i dothink she's making a statement that i'm not -- i'm not her dog and pony show, you know what i mean. this is what i do, this is my talent right here. >> anyone can wear like a little cotton bikini on the stage and she's like a nurse. >> i love it. >> we're going to play a little quiz, buzzfeed does these from time to time. want you to play along. can you identify a movie by its first scene. you against me. >> i'm going to play host because i would get all of these wrong. >> one frame. >> okay. >> like miss america, i'm getting scared now. >> first picture. this is harder than you think. >> all right. >> oh -- >> when harry met sally. >> no, but close. >> you've got mail." >> nice. >> upper west side. >> okay. here is number two.
9:05 am
>> older movie by the coloring. >> let's just walk together. >> "willy wokea" not even a little bit close. >> it's a ramekin category. >> she's just 23 years old. >> julia roberts as a hint. >> "notting hill." >> "pretty bomb." >> i hate that i'm losing so badly. >> number three, i 's a little more british. >> oh, you know this. >> isn't that supposed to beamy bread and butter that i know >> first opening idea. >> animated. >> i don't think that car was in "frozen." >> do you know this this? >> is it the one -- >> british. there's a diary involved. >> "bridget jones." >>on i didn't know bridget jones." >> if you don't have, that i don't know what you are. >> this one should be easy.
9:06 am
>> "oh -- >> is it socething about -- >> "my best friend's wedding." >> my best friend's wedding." >> you can whisper the answer to me. >> "princess bride." >> i think you ended up winning. >> i think we tied. >> after hosting the game show you get to do the weather and it is a little bit chilly outside. i have to do this whole, so far away. run over here as fast as i can. we've got a little bit of a chill in the air, fall-like feel and temperatures mostly in the 50s and 60s, we are though going to warm up as we go through this week. area of high pressure, this ridge and ret stream and all of this heat is going to build to e east. temperatures for most of the e plains, the midwest and into the northeast will be a brisk cool start in the 50s s in the city. temperatures back into the mid- to upper 70s this afternoon.
9:07 am
a breeze over the western northwest. crisp cool and clear in the 40s and 50s. bright and sunny tomorrow. more in the afternoon with a high of 84. a. lot of sun signals on this fo recast. highs generally in the mid 80s. a shower and thunderstorm by sunday and lower 80s. >> are you guys like totally flirting and making plans? >> don't worry about it. >> let's move on. coming up, if you're actually too lazy this would be sad to play fetch with your dog. we've got a machine that will let him play by himself. >> that's awesome. >> oh, before earning enough cash back from bank of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every tire... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card,
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9:11 am
have to. >> sounds good. katie, good to see you as always. >> good to see you. >> shall we start here. what are we looking at in. >> brought this from all over the world this. baby is actually coming in from switzerland, the photo kite and it's like a photo kite, a drone on a leash. pretty awesome and now available for pre-order on indy gogo. it stays tethered and easy to fly and safer, too. put your gopro right inside there. trapped new hot off the market. >> gives you more reach than a selfie stick. >> 30 feet and a leash out that will be 100 feet. >> taking selfies to a new level. >> drone self its, the new thing. >> you can hurt yore enemies with it. >> thanks, nice work. >> all right. >> let's go oveo this way. >>g going to keep you as a friend. >> moving you along, giving you another look at a first gadget. who wants to brush their teeth? come on, mindy. >> i'm not going to take that personally, but okay. >> this is the world's first
9:12 am
smart toothbrush. how cool is this. this is brush gamer, $59 and gets kids to incentivize them to brush their teeth. i'll pair the smart toothbrush with it and knows when i'm brushing all four quadrants of my teeth, download apps and connect to blue tooth and at the end you'll get a score and incentivizes kids to interactively brush. >> while they are brushing think watching the ipad. >> exactly. >>e actually see where it's going and brshing so it's pretty cool. >> that's cool. >> next up. let's -- how many of us have seen a cracked iphone? >> right. >> yeah. >> spend so much fun on our smartphones and a lot of us have a cracked screen. i'll show you a very inexpensive way under $25. willie you'll do this. from pure greer, put your iphone inside, works with android and ios devices. take this rollie paint drush thing and we push down and give it a little -- give it a little push --
9:13 am
>> it's not hard. >> push down on that. >> oh, like that. >> and tomoarrow willie is going to wo work on shapes and colors. >> what does it do? >> what it does, thanks for asking a smart question, it is anti-glare and anti-fingerprint, patter proof and you can literally. i'm going to pull this off. >> so it won't fix your cracked phone? >> won't fix your cracked phone but won't have a cracked phone start and once it's on there. you can smash it. >> don't do that. >> lifetime guarantee and lifetime warranty on it. >> pretty amazing stuff. >> 25 bucks. >> so when i throw my phone at my assistant it won't crack. >> i don't recommend that. >> we all have a different way that we live. >> okay. interesting. >> next up, everybody loves their instagram accounts. account. this is called #cube. brand new on the market and you can wirelessy will connect to
9:14 am
your instagram feed1or somebody else's. good way to stalk somebody. agine having this in an of ce or do ou rooth >> who is that model. >> she's beautiful. >> thank you. >> wow. >> that was me. >> that's stunning. >> comes with three different colors and it's available now. >> it's a gadget. >> can we get to bosco. >> absolutely. let's godto bosco. >> i have bosque ore here into work. bosco is wearing an l.e.d. dog collar called halo starts at $35. what's awesome about it three different colors, different modes, you can put bosco down and they make ones for humans, too, so can you put this around you as belt or sash. i've been running on the brooklyn bridge late at night which is awesome because it keeps me visible. and you are getting ready to play with this one. >> this is ifetch, a fun interactive way to play fetch
9:15 am
with your dog if you're lazy. >> over that way. >> 10, 20 or 30 feet. >> oh. >> go get it. >> works off of six "d" batteries or plug it in, very interactive. >> this is awesome. >> one of my favorite gadgets. >> she's starting to get it. >> we're going to continue this during the break. we'll keep you updated. katie, thank you very much. coming up next, you know the basketball game horse and mixing that with a spelling bee c thourtesy of a very creative pdoug, we have the results, but first, we have pa very special guest. pcome on out, flo! r [house band playing] you have anything p to say to flo? nah, i'll just let pthe results do the talking. t [crowd booing] well, he can x do that. we show our progressive xdirect rate and the rates v ofle our competitors even if progressive v isn't the d west. it looks like progressive pis not the lowest! ohhhh! pwhen we return, we'll find out whether p doug is the father.
9:16 am
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9:19 am
he was honored with the outstanding teacher award. congratulations. >> thank you. >> i was in the district intern program getting a second credential for -- for special education, and i decided to do something like what robin williams did in "dead poet's society" where he had the soccer ball and the quotes, and i said what can i do? what can i do to bring kids outside and do something different so i came up with vocabulary basketball. >> we love it. >> and we're glad you here. me and savannah, distinct height advantage. >> we can do it. >> really unfair. >> you want to explain the game. >> sure, sure. >> i know. >> what happens is i'm going to give each of you a word and then if you define it correctly. >> yeah. >> you get two shots. >> okay. >> if you don't know the word, you can ask somebody -- give up a shot and do a lifeline or you can ask me for a sentence or something like that. >> okay. >> and i'll give you a little bit of help.
9:20 am
>> okay. >> i'll go first. >> my students get an extra five points on their quiz. >> what do you get? >> bragging rights. >> you get bragging rights. >> all right. >> why here we go. >> mibdy, you're first. >> mindy, you're first. your word is baleful. >> baleful is kind of like mournful and sad looking? >> no, not really. not really. >> i'm going to give you a sentence. i'm going to give you a sentence. >> okay. the vampire's look remained baleful but his eyes were blue, not red. >> i think -- i think she was >> okay. >> we're going to give you a shot anyway. >> yay! >> oh, my god. am i like amazing at basketball? >> am i like an athlete star?
9:21 am
>> all right. >> wow. >> you've got a ringer here. i was going to say. >> all right. savannah. your word is connotation. >> connotation is a meaning behind the literal meaning of something. >> the implied meaning of a word. >> okay. >> go for it. >> that was perfect. >> one more, one more, one more. >> you get two tries. >> i've got to get the shot. >> so we're still winning. >> come on, dylan. >> wring it hope, dylan. >> dylan, your worth is poignant. >> poignant means like -- like on point, very delicate, like fancy, right? >> close enough. >> deeply effective. >> shake it off, shake it off. >> geez. >> your word is dissident.
9:22 am
>> dissident. how do explain it. >> it's not quite indifferent.
9:23 am
>> true. >>. >> good mortgage.
9:24 am
a cool 61 and a look at the tappan zee bridge. a bus driver is under arrest for allegedly driving drunk. police caught 52-year-old alexander caulkland behind the bus on the day off. he was driving erratically in west bury and facing dwi and other charges. sun and clouds and 77 for a high. crisp and career and 62. tomorrow lots of sun and a high of 84. more sunshine and 86. thursday still sunny and temperatures in the mid 80s and the week with another nice one and a high of 85. coming up on the "today" show, the new book why not me? we will have another update in 30 minutes.
9:25 am
9:26 am
taking a look at the headlines, a group of automakers behind more than half of all >> taking a look at the uck sales in the u.s. has launched a major new safety push, ford, gm, toyota
9:27 am
and others are working to make automatic emergency braking standard on all new vehicles. the insurance industry is also taking part. federal officials say automatic braking can help avoid rear end collisions which account for about one-third of all car crashes. american airlines is recently admit it had used a wrong plane on a recent trip from los angeles to honolulu. the plane that american ended up using was not authorized to fly long distances over open water. the plane has the same engine and the same range, but it doesn't have extra equipment like medical oxygen and fire suppression canisters. officials didn't notice the mix-up until halfway through the flight. it landed safely. an investigation is under way. meantime, american airlines and kelta airlines are ending their agreement that allows them to put passengers on each other's flights. the change means that neither airline will sell flights on behalf of the other, something typically done when flight disruptions occur. it also means connecting passengers switching from one airline to the other will have to retrieve their checked baggage and bring it to the
9:28 am
other airline's check-in counter. parents and future college students listen up. students hoping to attend college in the fall of 2017 will be able to apply for federal financial aid three months earlier than they do now. under the current system, students would have had to wait until january of 2017. the new system will let them complete the form as early as october of 2016. the white house said these changes are aimed at helping more people pay for school. "the perfect guy" had nearly a perfect weekend at the box office. the thriller romance brought in an estimated $26.7 million in its opening weekend. "the visit" was second and "war room" was third. and a big congratulations to novak djokovic for wing the men's title at the u.s. open on sunday. djokovic beat roger federer in four sets to win his second u.s. open title, third grand slam title this year, losing only in the final of the french open. oh, dylan, can you make it a little warmer, please. >> i'm trying, sheinelle.
9:29 am
tomorrow, wait it out one more day. a big area of high pressure. look at the sky. bright crystal clear blue. not much humidity. temperatures in the 60s and 70s across the northeast, but it will warm up as we go into tomorrow. some of the heat from the plains will spread eastward. looking at rain to take hold across southern california tomorrow. showers in the rockies and most of the country is pretty quiet as temp . mix of clouds and sunshine for today. the most noticeable thing is cool temperatures this morning. we warm up at about 77 degrees and a gusty brose from the west and northwest. the wind calls down tonight with a clear sky. 40s and 50s in the suburbs. tuesday right through friday featuring sunshine. 84 on tuesday and a couple of 86 days for wednesday and thursday. maybe showers with the low 80s for sunday. and that's your latest forecast.
9:30 am
>> all right. thank you very much, stand-up comic and ventriloquist jeff dunham is one of the most popular performers in the willed, a billion views on youtube and now he's headed back to primetime tv. >> guests and cast of characters are starring on "jeff dunham, unhinged in hollywood." take a look. >> what else do you know about l.a.? >> the bad traffic here remind me of marriage. >> how's that? >> you're stuck in it because there was an accident. >> and jeff along with another one of his friends walter is now here joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning, jeff. >> thanks for having us. >> great to be here. good to see you. i wanted to say thanks for having the segment before me with the dog. that was fantastic. you know, used to be a freakin' tree so thank you. who cares, i don't know. >> walter, how are things going in new york? i mean, how does new york compare to hollywood?
9:31 am
>> yeah. we live in l.a. >> it's fun. i love getting here. i love the sights here in l.a. and the sights in new york, fantastic, but there's also smells in new york during the summer, isn't there? >> oh, yeah. >> you get off a plane and it's like, ah, newark. i've got to put atic tack up my nose, you know what i'm saying, i don't care. >> i know you follow presidential politics very closely. what do you make of what we're seeing so far? >> what we're seeing so far. i think jeff is the donald trump of ventriloquism. >> what does that mean? >> he doesn't really know what he's doing but he's actually pretty good at it. thank you. i got a little laugh from the crew of thanks, guys. thanks a lot. by the way, back that camera up a little bit, i'm going to do some dance moves and want to make sure you catch that. that's a joke from last week. >> mindy, you were saying -- >> a joke from last week. >> you were saying walter kind of dresses like your dad a little bit.
9:32 am
>> that vest is -- yeah, his fashion is a lot like my father's. >> so your dad shops at gap for kids, that's great. >> yeah. >> fantastic. >> so jeff, tell us about the special, "unhinged in hollywood." what shall the crowd expect? >> shot it in hollywood. a little bit nervous shooting in hollywood, shot it at the dolwy where they do the oscars. >> how many actors on stage get a good laugh at the oscars. that's like never. >> actually turned out great. shot it there, and having the special on nbc, you can't do any better than that. my first shot was on "the tonight show" with carson back in 1980 and did five spots with him and then leno and so happy to be on this network. >> you got brad paisley to perform. >> brad paisley will be on there. he was fantastic. >> you like country music, dylan? >> i do like country music. >> the only time i listen to country music is when i'm doing taxes. you know why?
9:33 am
>> just nice hearing a lot of folks worse off than i am. another crew laugh. i'm killing. >> jeffings walter will have to make a little room because you've got twin boys on the way. >> don't blow the thing, yeah, thank you very much. audrey and i have been married now for three years and have three daughters, and they are now 1, 20 and 24 years of age, and so what's "full house" in poker, three of a kind and two of a kind and twin boys due in mid-november. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> got a little something for you. >> and now that you mentioned it, i think that might fit walter as well. >> thanks for getting a bag that covers me up, willie. >> yeah. >> we'll get the tissue out of the way. >> way to think that through. >> try that on, walter. >> we really wrapped it up for you. >> how do we do that. >> there's more in there. >> one that's not wrapped. >> how cute. >> would you wear that? >> i'm actually wearing that now. >> that is really nice. >> thank you, that is very sweet. >> jeff, walter, great to see
9:34 am
you guys. >> thank you. >> catch jeff dunham unhinged in hollywood thursday at 8:00, 7:00 central on nbc. >> coming up next, melissa rivers, i did it... i did it too... they took nature's bounty hair, skin and nails, it's a vitamin supplement from the inside... with biotin for beautiful hair and strong nails. and vitamin c and e for vibrant skin. give it a month, if your hair, skin and nails don't look and feel more beautiful, we'll give you your money back. i did it... and i feel beautiful. take the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge, visit for details. in delicious gummies too! craving the taste of chocolate but watching calories? introducing light & fit greek with chocolate on top. so chocolatey good... you won' t believe it' s 100 calories. try new light & fit greek chocolate on top. rushing to work all
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just like gums are the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair toothpaste. it helps remineralize enamel and fight plaque germs for healthier teeth and gums. strengthen the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair. fall is almost here which means new york fashion week is under way. the award show season is ramping up, and e's "fashion police" is making a big return. >> the show covering fashion hits and misses has undergone a makeover thanks to its new executive producer and newly minted cohost melissa rivers who joins guiliana rancic and brad goreski. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> want to play a game. melissa executive producer for a long time and stepping in as a cohost. >> yes. >> just about a year after the passing of your wonderful mother. >> a year and a week. >> a year and a week but it feels like you're keeping the spirit of your mother alive on the show. >> absolutely. we definitely wanted to figure out a way to embrace the last
9:39 am
four and a half years that were so fun and so popular and my mom had such a distinct voice. but so much of it was a warmth. it was about recapturing the fun she brought back, and i think we're doing it. we are definitely having fun again. >> yes. >> at work. >> melissa is doing a great job as the new host. >> thank you. >> seriously. every week she has impressed me. it's a hard gig to step into those shoes and step into that chair but she's doing a great job. >> and the three of you are cohosting with a round robin of celebrity guests. how has that changed the dynamic? >> i think it's great because we get fresh new opinions every week. >> yeah. >> and margaret cho who has been on the show once as one of our guests tonight, nene leakes, had such the best time. it's been a riot. >> we were demonstrating how you sit in a limo or a car on the way to a red carpet if you are in a fabric that wrinkles. >> yes. >> there was a celebrity with a
9:40 am
wrinkled gown and trying to demonstrate that you cannot sit like a normal human being. >> we'll demonstrate is right here. >> my jeans are really tight. >> these chairs don't look -- >> is that why people watch your show. >> it's a takeaway. >> do that in the limo. >> when you go out in your wrinkly gown that's what you'll be doing. >> laying down in the back of a new york city taxi. this is a little game called leave it or lose it, you've got a paddle that you can flip. look, kim kardashian at fashion week in veer givenchy. >> love it or leave it. >> love it. >> easy one for me. >> melissa, why lose it in. >> i love kin and think she is look amaze and beautiful and i flash back to what i was pregnant and i didn't want anyone looking at me or touching me and kind of throws me back into don't make me look at it. i was not one of those happy pretty pregnant women. maybe it's jealousy. i'm not 100% sure.
9:41 am
>> you know what, i absolutely love it. such a gift that baby bump, you know. why not show it off, especially in givenchy. >> yeah. >> if you can do that, why not. she looks incredible. >> and kim also knows how to just kill it on the carpet. she knows how to get all eyes on her and there was a major front row at that show, and she was the one everyone was looking at. >> i just looked like someone shoved -- like i swallowed a beach ball. that's what i looked like. it was not a good look for me. >> jessica simpson also as fashion week, what do you think? >> let's see. >> i like it. >> i like it, do. >> love it. >> giuliana a hold out. >> i'm so torn. >> okay. >> i'm feeling it now. >> peer pressure. >> too sheer? >> truly, i didn't know if it was too sheer and thought about the situation where she is so why not. >> her like launch party or something for her collection, right? anniversary party. >> pants, too. >> it's like a jumpsuit and we love the jumpsuit. >> i like the jumpsuit.
9:42 am
>> hard to get the look that's perfect. >> and her body, hair and makeup never looked better. she's getting better age. >> her boobs are phenomenal. >> we're going to break but i want to throw up one more quick impression. this is rich el weis at the toronto film festival. >> oh. >> i don't feel it. >> have to explain that in the break. >> slain that in break. catch "fashion police" at new york fashion week tonight at 8:001 on our sister network e. great to see you guys >> thanks so much. up next, here's a turn,
9:43 am
9:44 am
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the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, r and it was a real easy tswitch to make. what's going on? toaster's broken. which means no eggo waffles. what's that sound? did you leave your hairdryer running? no. something smells delicious. how could something smell delicious when the toaster's broken? i smell sausage, egg, cheese and... eggo? l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. the eggo breakfast sandwich. but the toaster's broken. it's sweet, it's savory, it's in your microwave. l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. breakfast is good pretty much any time of the day so all this week on "today food" we're cooking up dishes that would be perfect for a brunch or weekend buffet. >> warren is the owner of a bakery in washington, d.c. and is making breakfast lasagna.
9:47 am
>> and i'm very excited to show this to you. >> i love lasagna and breakfast and one of the things you can make ahead of time if you're having brunch. >> totally can, a day ahead, hours ahead, lots of time and lots of fun and lots of creativity you can bring to it. >> yeah. >> basically review the ingredients, different things, veg i, mush rooms and zucchini, we'll dice them up and put them right into here. eggs, cheese, gouda, one of my children's favorites, a lot of flavor to it. >> and bacon. >> bacon, eggs and we're doing a white sauce and that's what brings it all together, a bechamel. >> sauteing up the vegetables. mindy, you're ready to go whisking those eggs. >> excited not to poison someone. >> you make it easier with the bacon because you're throwing that in the microwave. >> just in the microwave until crispy or even a little bit less, that's fine. >> okay. >> sometimes i do it with a little bit brown sugar, like that. >> a little bit of sweetness. >> and we take them to the point where it's crispy and then we just will crumble them up. >> okay.
9:48 am
>> the eggs, people always asking how much do i do the eggs? not too much, like a half way kind of scramble. >> because they will finish in the oven. >> exactly. >> we leave that. >> and do you put like any vodka in it for fun? >> you could if i wanted to. >> thank you. >> i'm all about the fun. >> thank you. >> that's the bechamel sauce in the bottom. >> that's right. >> is that store bought? >> we make it. just butter, a little bit of salt, flower and you cook that until a nice blond color and then you'll whisk in milk, a little tricky, try some videos on youtube or read about it in cook books but that's really what we're doing. >> okay. >> all about layering. >> and those are no-bake noodles or no-boil noodles. >> the simplest kind. >> so when we're doing the lasagna it's really about making sure you have a nice distribution of everything. our vegetables you saute and do some cheese down there. >> lots of cheese. >> and then with the next layer, we'll do this and go with the eggs and bacon.
9:49 am
>> the breakfasty part is going on top. >> is that okay. >> yeah, we'll come back to that. just cooking. stressing me out. >> don't have to worry about it. >> once it's all layered up i love that you put some eggs on top. >> do a nice little look effect. crack an egg and drop it into a well that we make with a spoon. make a little divot for it. >> it's all about the presentation. >> we're watching you cook and we'll start eating. >> you go for it. what's awesome is it tastes good, an unusual combination. >> mmm. >> and it serves very, very well. >> absolutely love it. my mouth is totally full. thank you very much for breakfast and brunch all in one. all this week on we have a breakfast bracket going to pick your favorite food and cast your vote. >> breakfast lasagna.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
has mindy become the new regis, a contributor to our show or what? what's going on, mind me. >> you know, it's a process. when you get -- i'm just so excited to be here. really excited. >> well, you're going to hang with us. she wrote the funniest book, you read it obviously. >> full of lies though, and we will -- we will expose your lies when we get back. >> and we're -- we can't reveal this, but we've got a lot happening. we have a surprise at the top of our show. >> and for once it's a nice one.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> i don't like >>. >> good morning. here's the queens borrow bridge on this monday september 14th. commuters used new york city's newest subway station. the hudson yard opened on manhattan's westside and extends the line 1 1/2 miles what kuzed to be the last stop, time square. it's the first new station to open in 26 years. construction started in 2007 and was supposed to be finished two years ago. checking the weather, we have sun and clouds and 77 for a high. crisp and clear and 62 degrees and tomorrow lots of sun and high and back up to 84. wednesday more sunshine and 86 for the high and thursday remains high and temperatures continuing in the mid 80s.
9:55 am
a high of 85 degrees. coming up on the show with kathie lee and hoda, making the most of the color in your home. another update in 30 minutes.
9:56 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from
9:57 am
studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody, it is funday monday, and we hope you had a good weekend, and it is monday september 14th. happy rosh hashanah to those who celebrate it. >> why are we sitting in the kitchen. >> and now that it is actually happening, what were we thinking? >> here is the thing, we have two people on the show. jessica sinclair and so somehow in the commercial break, somebody said, you are so much fun, come host with us some day, and then look at what happened. >> oh, hello. hello. >> watch what you wish for, because you may get it. >> ladies, can we do it? >> can you handle what we are bringing for you? are you ready for the jelly. >> what?
9:58 am
>> for this jelly. >> are they admitting to implants? what do they mean by that? >> if i did, i want the money back. # 100%, i want it back. >> what about live television sitting a the desk? >> live? we are losing it. don't curse or do anything crass or we are on the hoda lee and kathy. >> that s is the middle name. how do you like the drink? >> refreshing. >> it is juice. >> you guys go it. >> we have juice, and why is this? are we underaged? >> we are not sure that we trust you. >> you have to ease into it. >> any amount of sugar is the same thing for her. >> what do you mean? >> on the set, they are not allowed to give me sugar or caffeine, because it makes me louder than the i am. >> and that is crazy. >> yes. >> and what is it like? >> playing house. on demand.
9:59 am
>> and how is it going a home? >> they are good, 2 and 2 1/2. >> and we like the e show. >> and we r e are enormous fans of you guy, which is why we have been stalking you guys for all of these years. >> dnd so for those who have not seen your show, even thoigh most have. >> and we don't have a clip. >> we don't have a clip. >> oh, no, this is not good. >> don't worry about tma. >> by he way, this is on. buns. >> okay, it is fine. don't mind us, she has a hot okay. trying to do a show. thank you. you guys need some help. okay. >> there is nothing written on the cards. >> we are doing a parting of the waters here, ladies. >> you stay in the middle? >> what?


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